dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Displeasure doing business with Elly.....

One of the most irritating things that I had to look at during the time of the Dreaded Hybrid was watching Elly's reaction to John talking about the very sensible precaution of his taking out insurance in case of accidental death or injury on the job. Instead of being reassured by his foresight, she blubbered like an infant and whined about how he was trying to scare her.

The reason I told you that story was to remind you of exactly why Elly never got anywhere in the business world. Simply put, the same woman who refused to learn anything about being a parent also went out of her way to not understand the business world either. Her inability to understand what a contract is and how it might be used to protect her interests is Lynn's own as is her impatience with the day-to-day decisions needed to run a business. The reason, of course, is that the same woman who bleats about needing her own identity is also pathetically dependent on John to make any sort of financial decision. This sort of thinking irritates the Hell out of your not-that-humble servant because it's mostly the reason why the Pattersons are sooooooo poooooor. Simply put, John would be in a higher tax bracket if he could somehow lose one hundred and thirty pounds of victimism.
Tags: elly versus the real world

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