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Elly fakes her own decisions.

One of the more depressing things about having to watch Elizabeth's slow, agonizing spiral into her loveless sham of a marriage to her sunken-chested wet blanket of a soulless soulmate was having to watch the vacillating drip talk about how she was a take-charge, get-it-done personality. That's because what she took charge of was passively getting other people to live her life for her done. Not, of course, that we should find this all that much of a surprise. After all, years of watching Elly choke when it came time to decide things left her with the belief that a woman's lot is to make a big, huge noise about being underappreciated before meekly giving way like the helpless little wifey she's meant to be. We're about to be confronted with a shining example of this in three months' time when Elly falls for Walsh's bullshit about her being an ingrate for wanting to not being treated like a temp. What really seals the deal is that Elly thinks that she won when, in fact, she got beat again.

This is not the only time her tendency to both dither and to draw an incorrect conclusion have made a mess of things. After all, given how she's too stupid to know when she's lost, it shouldn't shock us to learn that she'd regard a victory as a humiliation. The best example of that is when she decided to give Kortney yet another chance despite the crazy, made-up story her obviously jealous Martian creature daughter was telling about how someone who flattered her was a bad person. The dumbass regarded Moira's act of saving her from her own gullibility and need for praise as a humiliation so great, she couldn't work anymore.

Since it's clear that Liz is just as smart, just as brave and just as able to make good decisions as her mother, it's sort of obvious that she's also standing there waffling about what to do about easily soluble problems.
Tags: elly versus the real world, one big oblivious family

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