dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

The children versus casseroles and Elly's poor memory.

To continue on with what's wrong with the way the Pattersons eat, let's remind ourselves of a basic fact: children don't really like to eat casseroles all that much. There's something about having foods that they enjoy separately all mixed together that makes them want to avoid the phenomenon at all costs. What that something is appeared in the strip itself when Mike picked apart a casserole so that he didn't have to accidentally swallow the mushrooms that he hates. Simply put, children probably see a casserole as a way in which Mommy can trick them into eating icky things that they hate.

This constitutes a problem because Elly doesn't want to acknowledge the very real need children have of avoiding certain foods. The same woman who thought it was a huge sacrifice to get the Martian butter tarts without raisins can't quite manage to see why her children want to avoid foods they don't like. What bothers me is that the same woman who chides her family about good manners when we know that she makes noises like a gorilla eating a log cabin at the dinner table probably has a food that she wants to not eat and never serves. We don't know what that food is but I'll bet it's probably something everyone else would probably like.
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