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The Shoot-down Effect.

The interesting thing about Annie's aside about Tupperware parties was what inspired it: Elly's wistful comments about how great a time John must be having attending boring meetings, eating hotel food and wishing he were home. The reason it's interesting is that it's an example of something that used to happen before the Declining Years. What would happen followed the following set pattern:

  1. Elly is angered or upset by some event in her day to day life. The irritant could be menopause, the unwelcome presence of a third child, her inability to cope with any scary technology she doesn't have the patience to understand or that girl with the body and the language who remind her so much of the girls in her past who bewitched anyone she liked with their evil habit of smiling and not taking every last God-damned little thing as a personal affront.
  2. Elly shares her concern with an ear she assumes will be sympathetic. Normally, this ear belongs to Connie Poirier but has been attached to Anne Nichols, Moira Kinney or Carol Enjo.
  3. The figure Elly assumes will be sympathetic counters Elly's self-serving maunderings with something that makes sense. This astonishes and saddens her because she'd hoped for a shoulder to cry on, not a slap to the back of the head.
  4. Elly ignores the advice and goes right on squealing about Martians.

That last is the key thing that separates her from all the other people being lectured to. Unlike the picky-faced Martian princess, Elly has the luxury of being able to ignore things she doesn't want to hear.
Tags: connie: the real lynn, elly: lynn's fantasy self

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