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Social Climbers Aren't Us.....

The recent reprint in which John was at pains to avoid making it look as if he'd had no time to shop for the gifts he'd promised to bring home leave us asking the question of who would actually care where he got them. It's thus a good thing that the question is so readily answered. That's because it's obvious that Elly is the only person who might conceivably concern herself with that sort of thing. I can see her right now boring Annie or Connie with arch, pointless, ignorant comments about how he'd humiliated the family by buying his gifties at an airport gift shop. You see, if he'd cared, he'd have somehow managed to shop somewhere with a recognizable name she could show off to impress people.

That being said, it doesn't pay to try to point out that the Pattersons are all about outward appearances, currying favor and sating insatiable ambitions. Trying, for instance, to get Elly to see that most of the reason that she likes Anthony is because she finds what he does more impressive than enforcing laws that get in her way or flying around where he cannot be seen would be fairly difficult. It's like getting her to admit that she hates Thérèse and Mira because they treat her like she's just another mortal instead of some sort of demigoddess of martyrdom and missed opportunities who is entitled to the pig's share of everything because hers was the most deprived life ever. You'd as soon get John to own up to wanting to own horses so he can be a big shot.
Tags: one big oblivious family

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