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On Bullying In The Pattersphere.

Remember about a year ago when Mike was all weepy about being teased and about how his feelings were hurt? As you will recall, most of the commentary related to his inability to turn around and realize that just as his being called a nerdhead or dustball was a humiliating, painful experience, his casually bullying of Elizabeth and smug use of words like ‘Sistwirp’ or ‘Lizardbreath’ was hurtful to her and needed to be stopped. This is because he doesn’t see himself as being a bully. No, he sees himself as being provoked, as being forced act badly by someone who started things and wouldn’t play fair. The realization that Brad Luggsworth would probably be able to say the same thing about him would also not serve to make him see that he’s a creep. This, it would seem, is the result of his being a facet of Lynn’s personality.

That’s because Mike is supposed to represent her rage that someone who isn’t her is receiving ‘special’ treatment that she ‘deserves’. Given that her Lynnsights are all about how angry she was at people for not letting her do what she wanted when she wanted to and how people needed to get over themselves when she was having fun terrorizing them, it’s not hard to see why it is that Elly never really made much headway in controlling Mike’s less charming behavior. When he told Deanna that Liz deserved all the abuse he heaped on her and how she shouldn’t expect any sort of decent treatment because she was in his way, this was meant to be a conversation stopper. Deanna was supposed to agree with him, you see. He’s not a bully or abusive jackass or phobic nitwit who lashes out in a mindless, gutless rage because he’s too squishy inside to deal with any sort of hindrance to his insatiable desires, he’s a victim of oppression….just like his author.

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