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Elly, possessions and Phil.

As we're eventually going to learn, Phil really isn't as materialistic as Elly is. When he moves in with Georgia, he regards the prospect of weighing himself down with furniture with something approaching perfect dread. After all, he'd become used to the idea of being able to just pack all of his possessions in the back of his car and moving to a new place with a minimum of fuss. This, you see, was to avoid becoming rooted, boring, settled, staid and bland like his idiot older sister.

Yes, I went there and brought back souvenirs. One of the contributing factors to Phil's avoidance of a more conventional lifestyle is Elly's being such a craptacular saleslady for suburban living. I mean, let's face it: she's in over her head, she can't stand her children, she doesn't get along with her husband, she's angry all the time and whatever charm, wit, curiosity about the world or sense of humor she might have had growing up are long gone. All that's left of his sister is a screeching mess who's obsessed with piling up crap that just sits there so it's not hard to see why it is that marriage gave the poor slob the screaming habdabs.

Well, there's that and the fact that she seems to regard it as a means of running his life for him. As we all know, she seems to think that she's the boss of him and needs to shape him into something he's not designed to be so that she can prove something to her parents that they don't especially want her to. What little I've seen of her parents when Marian was alive tells me that they don't really much like or understand her belief that she has to boss him around; after all, they're the parents, not her so she should just lay the Hell off and let him live how he wants to.
Tags: elly versus her family, phil: bee and bop king

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