dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Georgia and Connie, a reappraisal.

The very interesting thing about Georgia is not just that we never learn her family name owing to Lynn's inability to see that as being unimportant. The very interesting thing is something I mentioned before: the fact that for the first three years of her relationship with Phil, she was unaware of his dalliance with Connie Poirier. This constituted something of a problem because, as we know, once someone dates the scrawny, clingy, needy lunatic, he's not supposed to be able to do anything but pine away for something most men would cross the street to avoid. He had to nearly freeze to death in the woods with John before he managed to propose to Georgia and even then he wanted to keep his options open.

What makes this disturbing little piece of trivia more annoying than it already is is that Lynn seems to be having Phil bawl about his old flame because of her need to want to not let go of something. As I understand it, Alan seems to have dated a friend of hers at one point and it still probably bothers her that he didn't do the ""right" thing and marry her. The same impulse that made her keep Jim lingering in the hideous living death he was stuck in in the Declining Years and has her lovingly talk about old grudges that should have ended ages ago makes her unable to reconcile herself to his marrying someone she didn't want him to.
Tags: lynn versus her family

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