dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

On Phil and Georgia’s childlessness

Another thing about Elly that clearly seems to have alienated Georgia is the fact that she made no secret of her desire to revel in their confusion and hurt feelings. Knowing that the only time that Elly smiled and meant it when she was either volunteering derogatory information, anticipating something unpleasant or nursing an obsolete old grudge was almost as annoying as her unsubtle hints that their doing anything that she wouldn’t do is evil, bad and needs to be set to rights so that a vengeful, hostile, wilful, sullen, entitled and dumber-than-shit little brat stuffed in the body of a dimwitted little wifey can get her jollies avenging herself against an unfair little brother who ‘won’ their childhood. Having to listen to Elly rant about how the two of them are evilly failing society by evilly refusing to have the children that they probably couldn’t and shouldn’t raise coupled with her clearly getting off imagining how miserable, angry and confused the two of them would be seems to have given Georgia a measure of incentive to put distance between her and her insane moron of a sister-in-law. Back home in Montréal, she could at least count on her family to protect her from the maniac with the horse-bun, said freak’s horrible family and the clingy, mannish virago Phil is ‘supposed’ to have ‘done right by’.

I suppose that this would be overkill but it seems to me that watching Elly and her friends deal with their children is also a good reason to not have kids of her own. What she sees when she looks at Mike and Lizzie are two apathetic, slug-like losers being treated like supervillains by a hysterical clod and since she wants to avoid going insane raising members of a family who clearly have a mental defect that prevents them from listening, wants not to create dumb, lazy, entitled idiot children of her own.

Tags: elly versus her family, georgia

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