dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Lack of practice makes Pattersaints.

Remember how I once concluded that the reason John hated professional musicians and made condescending remarks about how awful their life must really be because the idiot lost out to some dude with a guitar? Turns out that I didn't have my facts quite right. You see, the letter in which he cried crocodile tears because Evil Becky threw her friendship away to chase the phantom of stardom were the direct result of his being just like Elly and not having the stamina, intellect or patience to get good at something. In both their minds, it's better to be inept and hate what you do so you can be just like everyone else. That way, one can gain a sort of sick pleasure making the revolting assumption that people who are accomplishing things are secretly miserable and envy failures and embittered also-rans like the Pattersons.

Not, of course, that they would admit to envying anyone. As I've said, the Pattersons rarely admit to feeling inferior to other people and tend towards making a lot of noise about how much they feel sorry for people that they'd like to see die in a fire. April's fear that Becky will use her star power to crush everyone like ants is thus the most sane and normal reaction to her having used up the fifteen minutes of fame Warhol assigned her; being made into an object of pity that feels more like schadenfreude isn't.
Tags: john versus reality, one big oblivious family

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