dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Frank the Fish, Reconsidered.

As you will recall, one of the first plot-lines in the era of the hybrid strip was the saga of Frank the fish. What had happened was that Mike wanted a pet but Elly, who realized that she’d be the one to take care of any pet in the house and not ever wanting to do so, came up with the stop-gap measure of getting him a starter pet: a goldfish he’d named “Frank”. The idea seems to have been that if the fish lived as long as they do, she’d let him work his way up the food chain and if Mike accidentally killed him, she could turn around and say that he wasn’t responsible enough and that’d be it. It turns out that this seems to have come not from the sterile wasteland that Lynn calls an imagination but from her past. You see, she’d done just that to Aaron in order to keep him from bothering her about having a pet she didn’t want. It takes someone fairly self-absorbed and kind of cruel to deliberately kill a goldfish to teach a child a ‘lesson’ that benefits her more than him but that seems to be the deal with her. It’s just lucky for Mike that his creator needed to go around boasting about how stupid, filthy and destructive she thinks dogs are or he’d have never had a pet.

Tags: amazonian catfish tinfoil hat

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