dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Neighbors Six: Beyond Foob and Evil.

There is another sad side-effect of interacting with the Patterson family. Their lack of awareness leads them to do dangerously immoral and reckless things. As an example, Elizabeth's abandonment of the people of Mtigawaki. Granted, her assault has pretty much messed her up for keeps, but she can't be totally absolved. The effect was to turn her back into the clingy little teenager she used to be. Worse, she's trying to re-create her high-school romance with her parent-ready boy-toy, Anthony. The fact that she almost deserves the spineless little creep only softens the blow. She made a commitment to these people and she just blew them off for an incomprehensible reason. Would you wanna try to explain her chasing after a divorcee who came onto her at his own damned wedding or, worse yet, after nearly being violated? Would you feel anything but outrage at the mention of this person? She just doesn't understand how assy her actions are. As for Mikerobe, he's not the likable, solid family man he makes himself out to be. A responsible father wouldn't risk his life to save some grade Z historical novel. A decent human being wouldn't moan at the injustice of his life with his creepy college buddies while expecting his wife to smile, smile, smile for the kiddies. He ain't learned jack shit from the accident that brought his wife back into his life in the first place. His attempt to be moral by turning a harmless puff piece into jitney muck-racking damned near torpedoed his career, thus being immoral after all. He was only able to return via a deus ex machina. Fortunately, middle managers like him get along just fine without morals. The most galling thing about this shallow jerk is his nauseating steamrolling of his in-laws. Other people would take Mira Sobinski's over-eagerness with a rueful shrug and thank their lucky stars they have such a well-intentioned, albeit slightly bumbling, lady in their corner. Not Mikerobe. He bleats pathetically about her 'running his life'. Deanna, although not blameless either, is slightly less repellent. After all, she envied all the kids with WASP parents growing up and now she's got one: Elly. This brings us to the heart of the issue: the cock-eyed moral code this nitwit gave these two jerks. I leave April out of this because she's raising herself, more or less. (And doing a bang-up job, I might add,) Simple as paper, whenever I think of St. Elly, I picture her bellowing at the least source of discomfort. The children thus pick up the notion that the world rotates around them and everyone else exist only to serve their needs. Another lovely thing she and her lap-dog hubby do is destroy friendships and relationships that might lead them away from the Patterson compound and into the scary real world. After all, THEY only exist to do homage to Mom, after all.
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