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Mike Patterson: Bird in the Radiator Grille of Romance.

I'd like to expand on a certain theme that I'd hinted at the other day. What intrigued me is Mike's alarming tendency to view any sort of setback in a relationship as the result of a deliberate attempt to humiliate and destroy him. The first instance of this came when Martha was pressured by her friends to show them a note he'd wrote her. Since Mike has no real idea how female friendships work and has all the curiosity of a block of titanium, the screaming yipyop believed himself to be a victim of a heartless manipulator instead of a moron making a big deal over nothing. Her telling him that her friends had to know everything about her life or else she'd become a target for every queen bee in the school was an exercise in futility because Mike's stupid and doesn't listen.

That, of course, pales in comparison to the emo nonsense we had to wade through when Rhetta did something unforgivable: ask if the two of them could go on break while they were at university and, if they still felt the same about each other, pick things up when they graduates. I'm not sure if it's Mike being scandalized that a mere woman dare to decide things on her own or if it's that she wouldn't do what he expected a good woman to do and put her life on hold while he tomcatted around like men are supposed to. All I do know is that the woman that was the love of his life one second became a vicious, manipulative temptress who sucked in an innocent, toyed with his affections and tore his heart out because she was pure evil. Any hints that he might be overstating or misreading the situation were rejected because that might mean that he's a dumbass with entitlement issues.
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