dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

The other motivations for the Settlepocalypse.

As josephusrex said yesterday, one of Liz's reasons for marrying Blandthony was to reach out to that poor, unfortunate 'foreign' girl who, as she saw it, had no real mother to call her own, no guidance towards 'correct' behavior and no idea how great it was to live like Pattersaints do. It thus probably makes her feel all warm and fuzzy inside when she puffs herself up as being Francie's savior. Given that what she's saving her from is too much exposure to scary information, terrifying stimulation and a curiosity about the world that leads to the fat, stupid old woman Liz has watching shriek in terror, one is put in mind of the Vietnam-era double-talk about destroying a village in order to save it.

Her delusion that she's helping the child would be bad enough were it not for a motive that's even more repugnant than wanting to finally earn the praise of her uncaring parents. She also wants a version of John who won't tell her to vanish from his sight when she's in a bad mood. The poor dodo is probably still under the delusion that one can both be like John and be a caring human being who worries about the needs of others. This tells me that she's frustrated but won't admit why.
Tags: blandthony, francoise, liz: whining martyr

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