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Weed, The Miracle and His Parents

Well, Lynn and Beth finally got around to writing a Liography for Josef Weeder and it’s about what you’d expect. Again, we have a troubled character touched by Pattersaints and given a miracle dream job as a recompense for dealing with a ‘bad’ parent who wasn’t as loving, fair, firm and kind as the Sainted Elly and John. What makes Weed much like the Beloved Anthony and Deanna is that his parents were consumed by (wait for it) an ambition that blinded them to the good things in the world. Since his parents worked and worked and worked, they had no time for their children and no respect for their dreams. Instead, their distant, heartless parents treated them as little more than pawns in some sort of family politics. Good thing that he met Mike and wound up being saved from the evils of workaholism, believable success and maturity, eh?

What makes the thing a pile of bullshit is that we all know that the Pattersons are greedy, entitled, self-absorbed swine whose collective desire is to latch onto anything not nailed down and bay at the moon about not being able to prise loose enough loot from the world as a needed reward for the cruel, unfair and incomprehensible way their children imposed on them. When you contrast Weeder Senior’s desire to have his son succeed him and longing for the day when the boy smartened up and stopped believing in fairy tales with the passive-aggressive manipulation and horrid mind games John and Elly pulled, you end up loving the dude calling photography a nifty hobby but nothing you could reasonably expect to build a life on.

The irritation doubles when you have to remember the reason that Lynn can’t allow herself to admire those around her who succeeded in life by paying their dues. She doesn’t want to admit that she was very, very lucky to get where she is in this life and needed the kindness of others to keep from being just another also-ran who just didn’t have what it took to get anywhere on her own.

Tags: the liographies, weed: universal infant

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