dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

The upside of the Liographies: Georgia.

The real problem some of us have with the sudden return of the Liographies is asking why it's necessary. After all, it'll be at least ten years before we see Weed reappear so it's not like we need to wonder why the party-hearty buffoon we see in the strip has been assigned such a screwed-up back story for quite a while. The answer one of us came up with is that the market for the kids' books dried up and Beth needs to express herself somehow so she's back to ranting about anachronistic heavy parents and the children whose hopes they crush because their inhuman greed has made monsters of them.

The only upside I see in this mess comes from having read the insane biography of the sunken-chested gitface Anthony. That's because we finally learned the birth name of the woman he used and discarded like tissue paper in a repulsively effective effort to gain the sympathies of white trash. What this tells me is that sooner or later, Beth will get around to depicting the insanely warped background of Georgia Sevenyearsyounger and finally give her something Lynn never bothered to do: give her a maiden name.
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