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Killing Mr and Mrs Messenger: Anthony and Liz after the meltdown.

As you no doubt recall, I've made something of a meal of the idea that Liz and Anthony's marriage has probably devolved to worse hell than John and Elly's in a far shorter time. Not only is she not getting the affection, respect and approval that she wants, it's probably becoming fairly clear to Anthony that when he cried about wanting a hoooooome all those years ago, he should have remembered the phrase "Be careful what you wish for; you just might get it!!" What makes things worse is the fact that he's the pathetic shmuck left holding the bag of rancid manure the Pattersons call their finances.

Since it's fairly obvious that the best-case scenario for the Pattersons is an audit in which they're made to pay back taxes and the worst is that Mike and John will have to wonder which of them ends up being Howard Bunt's bitch, we should probably ask ourselves how they'd treat the poor moron who told them that the good times were not only over but probably never should have started in the first place.

My guess is that since they're a bunch of entitled chowderheads who never met a responsibility that they couldn't duck or blame they couldn't deflect onto an accuser, the same idiot who was the Chosen Son coming to save Liz from a horrible life of growth, fulfillment and other things that they're too God-damned gutless to want to experience will become a near-Satanic bully who hatefully denies their dreams of the future. I should think that Learning-Impaired Elly and Loutish Boor Mike would probably be competing to see which one stands on the chair and declares that hanging is too good for the uncool clod who stands in the way of their owning horses with his evil, unfair talk about keeping organized records and paying attention.

He, of course, wouldn't be alone in becoming the family villain. The repulsive clods would turn things around so that Liz willed him on the family when she could have married that nice police officer or charming chopper pilot. Since she has no friends to speak of and since she witlessly alienated the only person who might have been on her side by calling her a silly, stupid picky-face who makes her feel bad because she gave away Uncle Jasper's harmonium, the poor, dumb idiot's need to have Mommy and Daddy call her a good little girl and shower her with hugs and kisses has destroyed what little was left of her life.
Tags: anyone wanna buy a used future?, ogres are us

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