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The poverty perplex.

The reason that it's so easy to imagine that the Pattersons have mismanaged what would otherwise be a quite comfortable income is that Lynn constantly depicts the Pattersons as not doing all that well financially. Not only do we have John, a dentist, constantly worrying about the need to be careful with finances that should probably give him peace of mind, we get a lot of cheap laughs about how two professionals like Mike and Deanna are soooooooooo poooooooooooor. It seems to me that the root of this is something that clio_1 mentioned once. Simply put, a lot of people like Lynn have it in their heads that no matter how much they have, if they can't do what they want, they're poor. This is why we see John plead poverty when he can't buy a new car ever year, why Mike bleats about being behind the eight-ball because he's worrying about having to pay a mortgage and why they infuriate the Hell out of me because they come across as entitled shitwads moaning about their stock portfolio.

What makes this all the more irritating is how Lynn treats actual poor people. I've already mentioned how the "innately criminal" kid from one of "those" families talked good middle-class kids into smashing John's train layout and how Kortney's boyfriend couldn't help but steal because the lower ranks aren't honest. What I should have mentioned is that the poor aren't just malicious, they're uneducable; this is because when Lynn pictures someone who doesn't have a lot of money, she seems to see a garish monstrosity who can't speak English and wants the athletes to kill all the artists.
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