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The self-sufficiency trap

The odd thing about watching John and Mike, who aren't very good at math and tend not to think too clearly, going into a tizzy doing their taxes when it's clear that letting a business manager would be simpler and probably have the result of their paying fewer taxes is that it reminds me of the way that Season 4 of the Red Green show opened. What happened is that Red would talk allude to the storyline of the episode by discussing an aspect of regular dumb guy from the sticks behavior and contrast it with the more sensible behavior of the women who clean up their husband's mess. He concluded each little speech with the phrase "It's not smart or correct but it's one of the things that make us what we are."

The not-smart-or-correct thing in this case is the belief that both imbeciles have is that it's the husband's job to handle all the finances in their family. The reason for this is that the two of them are over-sold on the idea that whatever task needs doing around the home, having an expert come in and do things that a husband should be competent enough to do is seen as a sign of weakness and failure. The problem, of course, is that John and Mike aren't good at dealing with their finances (John is too dumb to keep his business accounts separate from his household expenses while dim Mike spends money like a drunken sailor) and thus commit the financial equivalent of a man breaking a water main trying to thaw a septic tank. The end result is more expensive than what would happen if a pro did it. It's at this point that another feature from Season Four would apply. Every so often, Red and another lodge member would explain how best to grovel for forgiveness after another expensive screwup.
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