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More issues with swimsuits.

On closer examination, it would appear that Cathy Guisewite and Lynn Johnston have wildly different discontents with the style of swimsuits on tap. As I've mentioned before, Guisewite points out that her avatar is transfixed by the image of herself sitting by a pool somewhere in the perfect swimsuit looking and feeling absofrickinglutely marvelous. Her enraged scream is always due to the fact that no one anywhere seems to have seen fit to make a suit that doesn't call attention to areas of her person she wishes were less alarming. That being said, she sort of envies those who can actually fit into the suits and wishes she could be like them.

Aside from the latent after-image generated by her anorexia, nothing in her oeuvre seems to indicate any tendency towards body shaming, slut shaming or ageism. For that, we must turn a gimlet eye to the works of Lynn Johnston. We know from watching Elly caterwaul in horror when Liz or April try to dress in any style that isn't ultra-dowdy or shrink in horrified disgust when confronted with women who don't share her hatred of the human body that she has in her head that maybe women over thirty should be kept off the beach rather than horrify her with the concept that she's not right in the head. Now, I know that your saying that that covers body shaming and ageism and want to know where slut shaming comes into the picture. The picture in question is a billboard-sized photo of Evil Becky who ruuuuuuuuuined her life forever by giving it up for a dude named Jeffo. Not only is April to fear and hate her because she's a phony who'll use her star power to crush people, she's also a roadside hands-on gig who's not fit company for antilife monstrosities like the Pattersons.
Tags: lynn versus her gender., lynn versus the real world

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