dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Why naked people are funny......

As we all know, one of the more tasteless things we have to contend with when we look back at Lynn's legacy is the leering, anatomically correct rubber homunculus known as Ned Tanner. We've all commented on how warped and childish Lynn is to find the horrible thing as funny as she does. Why, it's almost as appalling as her love of having small children scandalize their poor, put-upon mothers by running around horrifying the world by going naked and thus reminding their fellow human beings of something no decent person should have to be reminded: that people are no more born wearing a suit of clothes than they are speaking English. We thus have to contend with the bluenose who's repulsed by anything suggesting sexuality with the nasty child who thinks that naked people are hilarious. Nowhere in the resultant collision between prude and brat kid is anything like a concern for human dignity; your choice is between being the target of shaming or derisive laughter.
Tags: lynn versus the real world

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