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When she explodes...

As you know, there are still people out there in the world who assume that any day now, Lynn's vacation will end and she'll go back to writing strips about the modern-day Patterson family. No matter how many times it's explained to them that Lynn has no interest in doing so and believes that the Pattersons' story ended when Liz married Anthony, they go right on believing what they want to.

The reason that I'm glad that they're wrong is that I know something they don't. I know that as we speak, Elly is in the Tiny Train House wondering why her ungrateful daughter April won't write, phone or even send her one of those confusing e-mail things. The same Elly who bellowed about quitting motherhood for good after congratulating herself on doing such a great job is right now wondering what the Martian princess's problem is that she's too big and important to talk to the parents who did everything for her.

I know something else that they do not as well. I know that late at night, Elly cannot sleep because of the terrible, awful, cruel and unfair voice in her head that other people describe by the odd and unfamiliar term "conscience"; this terrible voice says hurtful things like "The reason the kid doesn't call is that you and that lump of suet you married for his money treated her like something you dug outta your ear and took pleasure in doing so. Also, going into a blind, screaming rage about how ungrateful and selfish and hurtful she is for showing the least bit of resistance to your insane whims didn't help either."

The third thing I know is that the train-loving pile of sludge she calls a husband has no such voice in his head. "Nice Guys" like him don't do a lot of thinking because they don't want to have to confront being an ass after all.
Tags: elly versus her family

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