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Liz, the secret barer.....

I think that it's fairly safe to say that a small child like Lizzie cannot be asked to keep anything secret. The strip in which Elly is baffled, horrified and left feeling betrayed is, at its core, a rather slow-witted narcissist's angry reaction to something she doesn't seem to understand: the way a child's mind works. The instant I read the first panel, I knew that Elly's harping on the fact that Daddy must not know that they got into a minor accident, I realized that the small child was back in 1983 would take that to mean "Tell Daddy that we didn't get into an accident." Lynn and Elly, on the other hand, did and do not know this and are surprised and angered by it.

The reason that I mention this is that Liz never really got any better at keeping things secret as the years wore on. Granted, this was due more to the overwhelming need she has to dish on people than to a childish literal-mindedness but if she can make someone's life more awkward, she can be pressured into singing like a canary. The most irritating example of this trend was when she 'accidentally' confessed that she'd learned that Mike and Dee were living together. Y'see, she was feeling anxious about Eric and needed the distraction so, well, she told her parents. This is also why I'm half-convinced that she still doesn't know about the Big Fat Sham Wedding. If she ever did find out, her first, last and only impulse would be to tell everyone she knows about how she'd been tricked and treated like someone that they couldn't trust.
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