dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

The looniness of the lecturing Elly.

I suppose what hurts the most about watching Elly screech in a blind rage at those around her is that she has distinct trouble with this whole 'cause and effect' thing that people try to confuse her with. As by way of example, let's say that the children are out playing when suddenly, there's a pouring rainstorm and on their way home, they get splashed by a motorist followed by tripping and getting muddy. A normal human being would be able to see that there's a direct link between those things and coming home all muddy and drenched. Since Elly is not normal, she cannot or will not connect the cause and effect in her mind; she instead makes the assumption that if the children were to have behaved, they'd be able to repel the water and mud and come home clean and bone-dry.

What makes this all the more annoying is that she hates it like fire when people do insist on their cruel, unfair and evil insistence on boring old causality and its horrifying implacation that everyone in the world is not actively trying to destroy her because she's too awesome for them to handle. Were it to be said that the children she screams at for making her life Hell were the victims of blind fate, that nasty little voice in her head that tells her that she's a great daft twit making noise about nothing would be in the right and that would be just terrible.

Worse still, her tendency to bellow angrily at the least thing is a problem owing to a blind-spot that we've all noticed. Simply put, she hasn't the blindest idea where her children are at any given time and seemingly no real need to find that out. While most parents are on some level or another worried about where their children are, Elly seems to not be as worried about that. When they come home, she doesn't ask what they've been doing and who with, she just starts bellowing like a maniac about what she's going to have to do to clean up whatever unimportant thing that they've been doing as well as actively discouraging annoying backchat about what that thing might be. Since she's a simpleton who never learns, she still can't see why this tendency damned near killed April.
Tags: elly versus her family

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