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Rhetta Blum: Can't Stop The Slamming.

As I implied yesterday, I'm about to give you a bit of a head's-up about the impending assassination of Rhetta Blum in her inevitable Liography. As I did with Martha, I'll begin by reminding you of what we know about her:
  1. Mike first became aware of her in 1993 when the two of them were working at Megafoods. His initial attraction to her hit the roadblock of his mistaken belief that Rhetta's older brother was her boyfriend.
  2. As with Martha, Elly got a bee in her panties because Mike saw too much of THAT girl.
  3. At one point, she'd suggested that Mike write a book about Farley's death. Since the upshot of that would probably be that Elly and John would rot in jail for the rest of their miserable lives on a child endangerment rap, the word 'non-starter' comes into play.
  4. When she'd made a vague suggestion that the two of them should go on break while they were at University, Mike's perfectly reasonable reaction was to squeal piteously about the false-hearted woman who never really loved him and was only stringing him along so she could laugh at his misery. Any comments about how he was over-reacting or being a whiny little turd were most unwelcome.
  5. When last heard of, she was toiling away under the brutal tyranny of the Dreaded Family Business. Also, it was agreed that the collapse of their romance served the Greater Good because it allowed Elly and John to own his horses.

This leaves us looking at much the same sort of nonsensical assassination of coherence and common sense as we'll face with Martha because Rhetta also rejected Patterlife in order to chase a silly and counter-productive phantasm. What strikes me as making a nonsense of it all is that Rhetta never actually flat-out rejected Mike in the first place; what she did was respond in kind to his earlier veiled admission that if things happened, he couldn't be held accountable. The screaming about malicious temptresses and shallow frauds seems to have come from his angered outrage that a woman actually made a decision that affected him instead of being content to pretend that she was independent.

Given that we have to deal with that on top of the condescending and fraudulent sympathy they lavish on Martha, Thérèse and Becky, it's not hard to imagine her never being able to find a man as noble and good as Michael. The best she can hope for is one who doesn't have his head too far up Daddy's ass. Also, her horrible suggestion that Elly's spotless record as a parent should be called into question would be given the explanation anyone who knows anything about the Foobs should expect. Simply put, she'd be doing it in order to enmesh Mike in her evil family politics. Translating that from "Patterson" to "human being", that would mean that he'd be toiling away to his own benefit and not to that of his parents. Since they don't want to admit that parenting and loans are not the same thing because that would make them into greedy shitbirds, the truly generous must be slandered. 
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