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Evil Becky and Evil Therese: The high cost of having a backbone.

Mira and the two women who had the immense good fortune to dodge the bullet that is marriage to Michael aren't the only sitting-duck antagonists that Lynn is bound to subject to biographies that are crimes against literature. We can expect to see ridiculous hatchet jobs commissioned to show us just how confused and wrong Thérèse were to let their evil ambitions get in the way of living the only possible life there is to live. The thing is that it seems almost a waste of effort to further demonize Anthony's ex; that's because most of his liography was about how evil her parents were and how it made her evil too. About the only thing that would be covered in a piece about her is what evil extraneous force prevented her from immediately turning into a contented hausfrau and the man that cured her of it; this is because to Beth and Lynn and to pretty much every citizen of Kool-Aid Nation, post-partum depression cannot be said to exist and anyone suffering from it is an unnatural horror to be shunned like a leper. The unfortunate implication of all of this is that like all women, Thérèse isn't really an independent person in her own right but simply an extension of the will of some man.

That being said, as bad as she got, Becky will get worse. Not only does she have to contend with being the creation of a self-hating throwback who never got over the concept of defining her identity by affixing it to some man, she's also the sum product of the jealousy and rage that professional musicians inspire in her creator. Oh, sure, we get condescending nonsense from that fatuous oaf John about how she's a figure of pity who witlessly and selfishly threw away friendship to chase a cardboard star down the road to ruin and despair but we know that pity to be a lie. It doesn't take a genius to figure out that the man who didn't have the brains, patience and stamina to master the piano wants to tear the people who can do better than him to pieces so that he doesn't have to look in the mirror and see not a straight shooter but a vindictive, sullen, whining failure who simply cannot compete. This means that when he makes fraudulently sympathetic and ill-informed comments about birds in gilded cages, he's actually having a Storegasm about Becky not only dying in a gutter after overdosing on horse tranquilizers but also being violated post mortem by her bandmates.

Given that her dalliance with Jeffo and her ludicrous defeat at the hands of a man with a length of garden hose is a foretaste of the Hell she'll be living in for the rest of her brief, unhappy life for daring to be more than some moron shaking a tambourine like an idiot so a spoiled brat can pretend that she's a rock star, we thus steel ourselves to endure every tired cliche about the high price of fame. What is more, we can expect it to be written in language so stilted that it will give the Noble Scribe the hopping fantods.
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