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The Liography of Gordon Mayes: the Beatification of a Grinning Hick.

You really don't have to wait all that long before you remind yourself that Lynn looks down her nose at the lower middle class. If someone lives in the country or doesn't have what she considers to be a good background, their dialogue is mostly made of contractions and funetik English so as to remind the reader "This person is of lower class origins and thus is vulgar, uneducable trash who cannot appreciate the finer things in life; he also wishes to chain women to the stove and beat his children, loves professional sports and wishes to visit genocide on the bearers of culture. He is therefore to be feared and hated for wanting to reduce us to yod-dropping barbarism." While it is sort of grimly humorous to see a lowbrow, immature super-vulgarian like Lynn caterwauling about the threat some poor drone who doesn't have the sort of education she casually threw away represents, it's also somewhat distasteful.

The reason that I reminded you of the somewhat hypocritical snobbery preached by white trash is that it will probably be the leafy-green background against which the improbable tale of Gordon Mayes will bloom forth. He, as you will recall, is regarded as a patented Foob hayseed "redeemed" by being Touched By the Sainted Pattersons. Were it not for his being forced into hiring John and Elly's favorites, accepting not-at-all silent partners who insist on extracting concessions from him that Mafiosi would find brazen and being more or less blackmailed into providing their middle daughter a home she'd probably be better off without, he would surely have lived a bleak existence as a wage slave in some cruel, anachronistic workhouse somewhere and his marriage to Tracey would clearly been in doubt. That being said, his life isn't all beer and skittles. We must also contend with the fact that since he and Tracey didn't go to University like they were "supposed" to, they aren't smart enough to be miserable like adults are meant to be.
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