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On Doll Children and Tiaras for Tots.....

The real message of that strip that I discussed yesterday is that we are meant to sympathize with Elly because all of her hard work was wasted because her child was ungrateful. The notes clearly indicate that Lynn regards Elly as being the injured party because she put so much work in making Lizzie look like a perfect little doll child only to have the ungrateful little brat balk for no clear reason Elly could possibly trouble herself to acknowledge. This, I should think, is owing to a very strong need Elly has to want to show off. While part of the process seems to be to convincing herself that coercing a small child to dress up like a frilly little doll baby is for her own good and thereby habituating said little girl to more or less define herself by her physical appearance, most of why Elly does so is so that she may be praised.

The grimly humorous part of all of this is that the same Lynn that snarls when someone criticizes her for doing someone wags a reproving finger at someone else for doing the same bloody thing. While Sainted Elly is to be pitied when Lizzie balks at Easter parades, we were all supposed to hate Mira for doing the same blasted thing to Deanna. This tells me that if the strip had been allowed to continue, we would be forced to endure a rather disagreeable story arc in which Mira was demonized for wanting to enter a reluctant Meredith in a Little Miss Milboring pageant and the baffled outrage that that inspired amongst the ranks of the Patterswine. 

This, of course, would be more wonderful dumb fun to snark than the Housening and Settlepocalypse put together. This is because Mira's need to dress Meredith up like a frilly little doll would not be the result of the "honest" motive Elly had. Instead of simply wanting her creativity to be recognized like a parent is supposed to but to sacrifice friends and fun on the evil altar of ambition. Evil Mira would be depicted as evilly forcing an unwilling child to participate in an atrocity because she wanted to turn fun into a career. Add in Elly moaning about being enmeshed in family politics and going out of her way to not notice how similar she and Mira are and the hypocrisy all but craps itself onto the page.
Tags: elly versus the real world, evil mira

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