dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

The pacing failure of Lynn Johnston

As we’ve seen before, Lynn loves to retell the same annoying non-joke in which she contrasts the enthusiasms of a child with how poor, down-trodden Elly cannot be allowed to enjoy anything but instead is expected to work and work and work without any hope of assistance, gratitude or recognition. Time and again we are forced to watch Mike, Lizzie or April boast about how great it is to have a holiday in which they do not have to work when in the presence of a long-suffering mother who is not permitted to do so and who isn’t really being thought of as working at all. This irritating exercise in whining about how Elly’s ungrateful, selfish, cruel and oblivious family will finally start to realize how hard her life was and how much she did for them when they’re noting that it’s been twenty years after she died would be bad enough if Elly were only groaning under the weight of one onerous task. What generally happens is that we see her doing a different back-breaking job in each and every panel. This need to hammer home how hard Elly’s life is and how she seems all but invisible to her family has a high cost in that it makes her children look as if they take forever to complete a sentence. After all, what we see is an offspring coming up to Elly, saying something about how great it is to be on vacation and immediately forgetting what he was going to say only to remember the rest of it a longish while later. 

Tags: lynn: failed creator

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