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April: more the real Katie than before.

Here’s something I probably forgot to mention when Elly got bent out of shape at the Easter Parade. Not only did she perceive herself as being judged unfairly merely because she wanted her hard work to be acknowledged (as well as being told that she has no right to any recognition at all at any time), she’d thought that Lizzie had for some selfish and baffling reason spat all over her poor mother when she’d done her a favor. It confused and angered Elly because she has it in her head that all little girls want to look pretty. The same woman who snarls angrily at anything with a Y chromosome because all men everywhere all agree that the most (if not the only) important thing about a woman is the temporary phenomenon known as her physical appearance and panics when contemplating the dangerous body language of young women who do not go in for the “Bulgarian cleaning lady” look she deems appropriate for teenaged girls seems to be transfixed by the notion that every little girl everywhere should make herself as cute and frilly as possible to turn Daddy into mush.

The reason that I mention this unwitting hypocrisy is that an upcoming note has Lynn attempt to elicit sympathy by noting that unlike Lizzie, Katie wanted to break her pooooor mother’s heart by wanting to not doll herself up like a damned gumdrop so as to scratch the psychological itch that made Lynn all but wet herself with glee when seeing her daughter tarted up like a damned doll. As we know, the Lizzie in the strip was and is a passive little dummy whose goodness and purity seems to come from defining herself by her physical appearance first, last and always. Always and ever, what she looked like took precedence over more useful priorities like her grades or being acceptable company. That being said, there is someone who seems to exist to defy and martyr Elly by evilly and cruelly not seeing the point of getting dressed up so that she can be reminded that Mommy things of her as a means for gaining praise first and as a person second: April. Not only does April look a lot like the real Katie did, her need to not let Elly fuss over her and look as if she got caught in an explosion at a lace factory has the same effect of having a moron whimper about being stabbed in the heart.

Tags: child rearing disasters, elly versus the real world, picky-face martian princess creature, st elly versus the martian menace

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