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Kool-Aid Nation and the Mike that hadn't done anything.

As we all know, this continent is populated by the sort of person who has convinced himself that since his version of religion isn't being rammed down everyone else's throats by the State, Christianity as a whole is being backed into a corner. This more or less makes him the bible-wielding equivalent of a John Patterson who assumes that since good taste, common decency, the Constitutional liberties men have fought and died to defend so that the producers of police procedurals can grumble about being hindered by said 'technicalities' and other inconveniences restrain him from tyrannizing others with impunity, he is being tyrannized. The most visible public symptom of this refusal to admit that not everyone else is a vicious monster sick with the need to mind everyone else's business is the irrational bleating about a crazy, no-way fantasy war on certain holidays. We thus have the depressing holiday tradition of listening to bellowing dullards thundering witlessly on to their flock about the evil humanists and their evil need to abolish Christmas and Easter while ignoring the inconvenient fact that other fundamentalists regard the holidays they regard as being endangered as pagan ceremonials to be feared and hated.

The reason I mention said irritating nitwits (who seem to have too much power and influence in this world) is that most of them are fairly thrilled to see any sort of reference to the allegedly endangered holidays in print media and don't mind saying so. It doesn't seem to matter what the person is saying about the holiday, all that matters is that it be mentioned so that they can bleat witlessly about a safe haven from the imaginary conspiracy that they fear. We were subjected to a recent outbreak of this idiocy when they saw Mike being totally confused by the doctrine of original sin. For every one person who was enraged that Mike did not writhe on the floor in self-loathing because, yes, he was a filthy sinner and needed Christ to save him from eternal torment, there seem to be a hundred who removed Lynn's "I don't get this whole 'born in sin' thing" and plugged in their own belief systems because they wanted to see a kindred spirit.
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