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It all depends on how you sit on them: those who sit for the Patterspawn.

As we've seen, Lynn gets far too much mileage out of the concept that Elly cannot and should not be able to keep up with her placid children. This is, of course, owing to her being more or less a voice for anyone who has felt that when it was time to be measured as a parent, she would be found wanting. This means that any strip in which Elly is not howling in unthinking rage or whining in despair when confronted with what she sees as a terrifying sign that her children are trying to usher in an era of CHAOS!!!! and what we see as behaving like the placid and rather slow-witted children that everyone but she and her friends and influences know them to be is a rarity.

It should thus come as no real surprise that any strip that has someone babysitting must be predicated on the notion that an innocent teenager is about to be menaced by such dire and inhumane menaces to all that is good and holy like "wanting a drink of water before bedtime", "staying up past bedtime" and "'watching shows that Elly has forbidden sight-unseen." The response of the beleaguered light-weight is to marvel at the fortitude of the spineless coward parents in her vicinity and resolve to never have the boy-girl pair that they must pop out so as to not defy society. This is almost as annoying as having to watch Elly praise said idiot for being a larval version of her own fragile and tyrannical self.
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