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The revenge of the Foobysat.....

I probably should have pointed out that the Pattersons only rely on the services of babysitters when they're going out for the evening. When they go on those child-free holidays, they used to get one of their sets of parents to watch over the offsprings and gently inform Mike, Lizzie and April that dealing with them is such a soul-scarring torment that the fragile, entitled, witless failures that dare arrogate to their worthless selves the noble title 'parents' must regroupMommy and Daddy need me time too. Later on, they'd decided that it was more convenient to palm the kids off on their neighbors and get someone to watch over the house.

The reason that I mentioned this is that when Liz started feebly thought-bubbling Anthony, Panicky Idiot Elly and Whipped John had a collective brain-fart that the two of them would do more than vacuously stare into space wishing that the other would do something more than behave like an extra from the Walking Dead. To this end, Elly had hit upon the subtle plan of getting one of John's assistants to stay over and play monogamy cop while she and John toured Washington so that she could bleat like an imbecile about the absence of a Wal-Mart at the National Mall. As with all of Elly's clever plans, this backfired in an amusing way because Sally the Sitter acted like she owned the place; this, of course, extended to having her boyfriend over. Liz's response was subtle and to the point: she'd turned a fire extinguisher on them!

The upshot of that little faux-pas was to teach Elly a lesson about trusting the people in her life that she immediately forgot. After all, she was too busy feeling all wounded because John likes to bomb through the scenery at warp speeds instead of wasting his time buying God-awful crap at tourist traps to remember that her clever plans fail owing to her being as clever as a sack of hammers.
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