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That nut with the sandwich board.....

Let's conclude our look at how the general public perceives Elly by reminding you of how random passers-by see her. We'll start off with one of Lynn's favorite bogeymen: the straw man chauvinist who runs his ugly, hayseed mouth about how awful it is that women are allowed to express an opinion. Although this sort of broad caricature seemed to fade away over the years, Lynn used to love to remind people of her paranoid nightmare conspiracy theory about how all men everywhere were united in the cause of denying poor, put-upon women freedom of expression because men are evil and love conflict and selfishness. A saner human being would look at the thundering clods and give them their right names: boorish idiots who either don't have a sex life or drove their significant others away owing to their churlish stupidity. Said saner human being would also keep in mind that that sort of dozey monkey is widely regarded by his peers as a bit of a private joke.

The problem is that Elly seems to see this sort of statistical outlier as a norm. This makes it hard for her to coexist with men who see and treat her like an irritating loon who runs around like a chicken with its head cut off screaming ill-informed gibberish about things that she doesn't really know anything about. The most annoying incidence of this was her drive to preserve the old town hall. What she didn't realize or especially want to is that most people weren't trying to knock the place down out of some crazy fantasy no-way conspiracy of the jocks to slaughter the arts community; that's because they know something that she won't see: you can't fund everything. The average person watching her running around picketing the new town hall knows enough to realize that building a multi-use facility, street repair, upgrading the water mains and other social goods kind of take precedence over renovating a building that kind of doesn't need to be. They'd thus like their tax dollars to not go down a rat hole to placate some bossy lunatic who doesn't know what she's talking about.

The other sort of passer-by she finds it hard to relate to is the one in every crowd she growled about recently; in her mind, not only are all the male life forms in the world teaming up to destroy her right to express herself, there are armies of women who think that they have the right to tell her how to parent. Said people are, of course, the rather ordinary women who have to endure the crazy woman the dentist married scream at her kids for nothing at all that they can see and her tendency to snarl under her breath when asked to think about her children's feelings instead of her own. This sort of default hostility also comes into play if the woman is reasonably attractive. This is, of course, because when John ogles some poor woman in front of Elly, her sympathy for our hero evaporates when she notices that the lady with the out-dated hairstyle, clothes that make her look like the sick deviant's mother and the tendency to slouch has dangerous body language that betrays her assumption that she wants to be leered at by a horrible freak with no sense of how to behave in public.

What this means is that when the husband who watches the nutjob that the dickweed dentist married jam her finger into the air and speak with a voice like iron about something that's first cousin to a lunatic misapprehension goes home to his family, he gets to compare notes with a wife who talks about the latest act of horrible parenting committed by the tarnished trophy wife who married that boor of a dentist who treated her like furniture when he bungled her root canal and agree that she's the dentist's crazy wife.
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