dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Here's a question I can see. Too bad Mike can't.

Sooner or later, Meredith is gonna ask her parents a question about someone else who doesn't show up in the old albums that much: Deanna. Sure, she saved the photo albums from the old place but I really don't think they'll have the depth of coverage Mike's are certain to have. Besides, there's a deeper problem that might not occur to the Mikes of the world: children aren't really able to process the fact that their parents didn't always know one another. A tiny child is naturally gonna think Mom and Dad have ALWAYS been together, right? When you add in the fact that these two DID know each other as children but were separated for a decade or so and you have the recipe for REALLY Confused Half-Pint. Given that Mike and Deanna each have their own separate but equal reasons for resenting Mira and her 'unwarranted' interference in their lives, I can readily foresee them spinning things so that the glowing opportunity for a better tomorrow that plopped into Wilf's lap was actually a curse willed upon him by his wife's malicious ambitions. It also explains why the PitterPattersons aren't gonna go down to the 'Evil City' of Burlington to see all the photos or Deanna Mira can't wait to show them; Mike doesn't feel like hearing about what a lousy dad and husband he is and Deanna doesn't especially care for a lecture on child safety. You get the feeling she'd probably tell her kids they should be grateful they have the opportunity to drink paint thinner while Daddy sits at his keyboard with his head wedged up his ass.
Tags: evil mira, jonbenet, mythologizing mike, the dreaded hybrid

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