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Delicate Genius Agonistes: The Life-Struggles Of A Hapless Muttonhead.

I should think that it's safe to say that when Mike made an intrusive and obstructive pain in the ass of himself when he encountered the road accident that brought Deanna back into his life, he'd graduated from making an ass of himself at home to inflicting his idiocy on the outside world. Therefore, I think it only fitting to list how people in the outside world actually seem to view Mike and why he thinks that that's awful.

Let us start by contrasting his two landladies. A reader really didn't have to wait for all that long to be reminded that Mrs Dingle regarded him as a callow annoyance with irritating habits. The most irritating habit of all seemed to be the young fool's inability to understand why she insisted on certain standards of behavior and tendency to regard her wanting to show the flag for respectability as proof that she was a dragon lady who liked to jam it to him for no reason.

He has a much higher opinion of Lovey Saltzmann because she treated him the way he felt he deserved to be treated. Too bad that he never figured out that she did so because his knavishness, his gullibility, his need to live in a manner stereotypically associated with the denizens of a trailer park and high tolerance for subjecting himself to needless squalor make him the very model of the modern chowderhead tennant. People like the Kelpfroths who insist on living in promised quiet are something she can without do.

As for the Kelpfroths, Mike hates them like fire because they have no sense of humor and tend to object to his doing what he wants when he wants to. They regard him as a snot-nosed punk who lets his kids yell their way through life as they make a mess of things. It's a shame that Deanna stopped Mira from confronting them and possibly subjecting her children to the baleful threat of having Daddy called to the carpet for being a dolt.

This leads us all to how he's filled with angst and hostility because Mira seems to see him as chasing his tail doing pointless busywork instead of taking care of things like he's supposed to. The way she sees it, he's not the dynamo Deanna believes he is; he's a poser going through the motions while Dee has to pick up the slack. Since she has a terrible habit of giving an idiot his right name, she's as big a monster as Divala.

This launches us, of course, into how he's seen by his peers. I've already talked about how he threw a big tantrum and got his ass fired because he didn't send in the puff piece he was ordered to because a busy woman needed to not be slowed down by a non-entity and how he managed to be rescued by the miracle of his alleged oppressor running afoul of the tall poppy syndrome so we don't need reminding that he's probably thought of as a lucky chump. What I should have reminded you is that a lot of why he quit Portrait is that he'd realized that mean old Mr Gluttson had thought that he was an obstructive jerk hell-bent on running a magazine into the ground because he was too damned stupid to pay attention to the trends in the industry. Better for all concerned that he restrict himself to churning out glittery trash novels than wreck things on that scale.
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