dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Striking a chord: April's halter-top wearing blind spot.

It seems to me that aside from having to live in her parents' bunker and taking their fear of family politics as gospel because she doesn't actually know any better, April has a pretty good head on her shoulders. What makes her such a terrible, awful, picky-faced Martian princess who needs to be slapped down for defiance is her awkward, awful habit of seeing the flaws in her parents' plans to own horses. That being said, there is just one person in her life that she did not see correctly: Becky. This is because she did not want to have to admit that she was jealous and felt inferior to her friend. Well, to be fair, children her age have a damned hard time admitting "I don't see why any boy would date a plain girl like me when a prettier girl like Becky is around" and would fear that Becky would surely steal said boy despite showing no inclination towards it. Most of her fear of not admitting to feeling insecure and worthless manifested itself as a fear that Becky would destroy her with her star power because she could despite showing no inclination towards that either. It seems to me that now that she's been in the real world instead of cooped up in the stifling hive of groupthink that is the Tiny Train House, she's probably shrugging and wondering what she was thinking spending all that time fearing a has-been who just wanted her old friend back.
Tags: picky-face martian princess creature

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