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When in doubt, blame the media: Elly versus bad language.

I think that it's fairly safe to say that one of the things that most annoyed the neighbors about Elly is that when she punished the kids, she was far more concerned with how their behavior made her look than making sure that they could go out into the world as functioning members of society. The strip that was originally published on 30 April 1983 is an excellent reminder of the thing that most bothered her: the fact that they repeated the profanity she and John thought that they never overheard them use. Since she's a chowderhead with the need to blame everyone else but herself for her own problems and since Lynn is a nincompoop who probably thinks that the use of the word 'jeepers' would mandate that a show be rated TV-MA, television is a handy whipping boy. She can and does blame it for the degradation of the language, erosion of the respect children should have for their parents and the fact that no one wants to buy her scary-ass leering rubber homunculus. The problem is that she's willing to ignore certain facts in order to prove that television should have done a better job of raising her children than she could. For instance, she forgets that there's something called "Standards and Practices" that lives to police what is broadcast so that it's safe for little kids and old ladies. Unless she'd been stupid enough to sit on her ass complaining about the gutter language children have during one of her incessant bullshit sessions with Annie or Connie while the kids watched the adult movie channels, I really don't think that it's television's fault that her kids swore. Hell, even if they watched that unrealistic filth because she was suffering from a recto-cranial loop-back, it was still all on her for not using her head.

Of course, there is a simpler reason that it's far more the fault of the grown-ups who bought the set instead of those who appear upon it. Simply put, the same inattention to where the kids are and what they're doing that might allow Elly to sit in one room wallowing in self-pity while unaware that her kids were watching a freaking orgy allows her and John to curse like stevedores because they're too dumb and inattentive to know that their kids' ears don't turn off when Mommy and Daddy can't see them.
Tags: child rearing disasters

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