dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

On Fortresses of Solitude With Power Tools

An upcoming arc about John, Mike and a go-kart that can’t survive in suburban traffic is about one of the first reminders that John regards his workshop as a refuge from the horrors of a nagging wife with her honey-do list, crazy hormones that make her say crazy things like housework isn’t fulfilling, feel crazy things like an emptiness inside her and want crazy things like an identity of her own. He also uses it to hide away from demanding children who just don’t get that since he works on their behalf, they need to be grateful for the air they breathe and to obey his commands without question. What this means in human terms instead of the terms of a revolting pissant who lives in pants-soiling terror of having to even think that the self-serving preconceptions bolted into his tiny, hate-filled brain might possibly be wrong needs to have some cozy little nook where he can avoid anything that might lead to the dangerous idea that he’d have to weaken and degrade his worthless, gutless, soulless, heartless, brainless and dickless self by admitting the slightest bit of error as well as engage in mindless toil so as to shut off the scary, scary tendency to think instead of mindlessly react, to regard everything as a threat, to see himself as the target of humiliation. Were he not a weakling cowering behind belligerent nonsense, he wouldn’t need his little tree fort. Since he’s a tiresome dick, his neighbors are content that he stay there.


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