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Why John overestimates what children can do.

It occurs to me that I left something else out in my look at what it is that makes a typical Milboroughite despise John: his odd habit of assigning his kids chores that are simply too difficult and being disappointed, astonished and angered when they do one of two things people with a functioning God-damned brain would expect. An average, regular guy would look at a child Mike's age and think that someone that tiny would not have the physical strength, stamina, focus, balance and patience to wash his car, mow his lawn or clean out his garage for him. When Mike cannot do it well (if at all) or will not because it's too much to ask, John simply cannot understand it. Not only does the stupid sack of crap think that his allegedly defiant son is being most ungrateful, he thinks that the boy is deliberately doing a bad job to make work for him in the first case or being lazy and selfish in the second.

This is owing to his suffering from something emergency room doctors talk about when they think that we cannot hear them. They would look at him and chuckle to themselves about how John Patterson presents with fecal encephalopathy in the hopes that a mere dentist would not realize that they think he's got shite for brains. The same dunce who thinks that hormones and not his being an insensitive, entitled clod who won't admit that his wife feels overwhelmed and underappreciated explain why she's always out of sorts looks at what only superficially looks like the boundless energy of a child at play and thinks to himself "CHEE!!! Why can't I harness all that wasted energy for something useful?" What he doesn't want to admit (owing to a fear that admitting that his decisions are arbitrary and self-serving, his parenting style idiotically authoritarian and his manners petty and immature would mean that he'd lose his standing in the community) is that not only does a small child tire easily, being bellowed at because he does the expected crappy job of washing Daddy's ride is a means of destroying his work ethic.

We can lump this in with Elly's shaving sheets as the sort of false practicality inflicted on the world by a muttonhead who doesn't know what planet he's on seven eighths of the time.
Tags: john: little tin god or petty tyrant?

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