dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Moron Crusaders...a side trip to the Funkyverse.

As you already know by now, Tom Batiuk is engaging in yet another attempt to get a nifty plaque from a special interest group by having Becky's misguided, angry, backbiting moron mother save the innocent children of Westview from yet another thing that they neither want or need to be saved from. The last time the belligerent glory-hog rushed the public stage in order to impose her ignorance on an unwilling world, she'd had a dog-eared copy of "Corruption of the Innocent" by Dr Worthle....Wertham in one hand and a megaphone in the other as she tried to steamroll Comic Book John under so that she could stop him from doing something that horrified her: sell comic books that allow as her values have no value. As we all know, the Lisa who didn't passively wait for death out of a need to die both theatrically and futilely pointed out the holes in the woman's alleged logic and she cursed angrily as the judge, who was as sick of the lard-headed old biddy as the rest of us, told her that, no, she couldn't use the legal system to nag people. This time around, she's going full-on Fred Phelps as she tries to save the children from gay people because she doesn't understand that, no, they're not on a recruiting drive and no, they don't want to force everyone else to have same-sex marriages. Also, this time, she'll get her ass kicked, not learn her lesson and be an unlikable bitch and watchword for screwed-up crank soccer moms who'd be better off darning socks and baking cookies instead of being in a public sphere where they don't belong.

This amazingly sexist civics lesson at least has the benefit of presenting an idiotic scold who has no place in the halls of governance as an antagonist to be feared, hated and derided as an imbecile as well as a nuisance. The same cannot be said of For Better or For Worse. That's because Elly Patterson's unpopular and idiotic crusade to save the old town hall succeeded because it got high-jacked by a venal creepola politician who greeted the bludgeon she'd provided him to smash his enemies with as if it were manna from heaven. Not, of course, that she was aware of it; she ended up feeling martyred because she couldn't take the credit for keeping them from demolishing the place and, worse still, they still built that awful sports arena so that the athletes can plan for the terrible day when they can rise up and kill the arts community. The other difference is that losing didn't encourage her to strike back at the people who simply want her to shut up until she knows what she's talking about. This means that the Deadliest Idiot Crusader has to be Mrs Blackburn.
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