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Yet another reason why Elly fails at finance.

As we've seen, Lynn makes almost a boast of not being all that good at handling her own finances. This, it would seem, is the end result of her belief that knowing how to do basic arithmetic somehow magically destroys the ability to create anything artistic. We get to see this belief in play when she insists that computer animation is not art because math and we get to see it this week when she totally fails to realize why she isn't ever going to get a salary from Mrs Walsh.

The Lynnsights give us a hint as to the blind spot that Lynn has when it comes to money. Over and again, she sees that her creditors have what looks to her to have money to burn but she also notices that it's very hard to get any cash out of them. One person highlighted her flawed reasoning by asking the question "Do I pay the cartoonist or do I pay for rewiring the building?" Since Lynn doesn't seem to understand that she's not able to jump to the head of every queue in existence, she'll always bleat about the unfairness of taking a back seat to things that the other person sees as being far more important.

What this translates to in the here-and-now is Elly's not being able to see that since she doesn't bring in new subscribers or advertisers, she doesn't actually deserve to be a salaried employee. What this means in the long run is that she spends a whole bunch of time making a fool of herself by insisting that the town blow money better spent on street repair and infrastructure that will bring tax money into the local coffers maintaining an old building. Since they have to have clean drinking water and not have the sewers back up despite all her huffing and puffing about how unfair it is that it takes priority over funding the arts, the money to pay for the upkeep to a building best knocked down so that something useful can be built has to come from somewhere; the money ends up coming from the local library which is forced to eliminate a position best filled by a school-aged volunteer. Explaining to her that her saving the theater would have a price is as futile as explaining that Mrs Walsh didn't actually have the money to spare. My guess is that she still thinks that they should have stopped building that horrible old arena so that the evildoers who participate in team sports would know what it's like to lose for once.
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