dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Be bribed, declare victory.

The interesting thing about the current "Elly tries to get gas money" arc is that Mrs Walsh settles things not by giving her the money she doesn't really have and probably wouldn't pay even if she did have it but by giving Elly a free subscription to the Valley Voice and a sticker for her car identifying her as a member of the press. Next thing we know, Elly is talking about how the bone thrown to shut someone up without actually improving her lot is better than nothing.

The reason it's interesting is that it's John's favorite way of dealing with the scary woman hormones that make Elly complain about things that he doesn't think she should even begin to worry about. As a for instance, he makes her feel better about his buying shiny toys that make him feel good by giving her new appliances so as to line her nest. Hell, he even coaxed her out of the Pattermanse by offering her shiny new trash so as to distract her from the fact that he and Mike had teamed up to screw everyone else over because TRAINS!!!

What this tells me is that Elly's rolling over and playing dead for the moral equivalent of a dog biscuit is worse than nothing. That's because it means that she's overly eager to show people just how easy it really is to bribe her into working against her own best interests.
Tags: elly versus herself

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