dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Happy Martyr's Day, Elly: Enjoy your existential horror.

Let's clear the air before I launch into this. I know I'm not a parent and don't intend to be. I do however (despite Lynn's odd belief that as a non-parent I cannot) understand that being a parent is very, very hard at the best of times and it sometimes looks as if the light at the end of the tunnel is coming from an on-coming train. What Lynn did that was almost revolutionary was to poke a hole in the myth of the Happy Homemaker who was fulfilled by something that only the most oblivious secretly knew that mothers didn't actually really like to do mind-numbing and repetitive chores with only the remotest chance of tangible rewards in a realistic time frame.

The problem is that she never God-damned stopped!! From artwork that wishes a downtrodden Elly a happy Mother's Day while at the same showing her unappreciative family take her hard work for granted to strips that show how little they seem to care about her, it's like she's something we could call a Sympathetic Sue in that having dialed the misery up to eleven, it's like she's a parody of real-life mothers who work too hard and get treated like appliances. What makes her need to bleat about hard work sort of tragic and hilarious at the same time is her need to obsess about cleanliness. This leads her to eventually shoo her family out of the house so she can both earn her relaxation by working all day as well as not working too much by correcting their 'mistakes'.

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