dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

The oar to the belly.....

As I said yesterday, I think that Carrie and Marian's overly indulgent parenting of their sons made Elly and Georgia's life more difficult because they wound up stuck with two clods who assume that women will wait on them hand and foot and needed a lot of deprogramming. The problem is that the pattern persists in the Pattermanse because Elly herself needs to not blindly do every stupid thing Marian did....such as let the Son shine in everyone's eyes. Since her need to feel bad about pursuing her own agenda ment that she could be guilted into being a real mother, Mike himself is somewhat inclined to think of Deanna as a maid. When we combine this with John's expectation that everyone around him is supposed to scurry around like idiots and do whatever because he bellowed, it's a miracle Mike isn't even worse.
Tags: child rearing disasters, grate grandmother marian, mama patterson

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