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The beer in the trumpet and Jim’s harmonica.

You ever notice that the Patterson children don’t really have much respect for other people’s property while obsessing over that which is their own? We all know that one of the more irritating little strips in the lead-up to the Settlepocalypse was the one in which Elizabeth whined about how horrible it was that April took her to task for simply bequeathing Jim’s harmonica to a thief acting out of sheer petty vengefulness because he’d had the foresight to flatter the dumb bitch. Lizardbreath’s reasoning appeared to be “Well, she gave it to me to do whatever I wanted and it made me feel good to do it so what’s her problem?” This, it seems to me, is the culmination of a life-time pattern of disregarding the value other people have in their personal property. The cause, of course, is it’s the way they were raised. They already know from personal experience that their parents are damned smug about having the ability to dispose of their children’s belongings as they see fit and get angry when told that they cannot so it’s not like they grew up in a house that respected the rights of others. What pushes them over the edge is what Elly says when they do get caught doing something stupid. What they get told is not that it’s not right to disrespect other people’s personal space or to wreck their stuff. What they get told is to not make their parents look bad. This leads them to the conclusion that the belongings and rights of others only have value in respect to their parents’ needs or whims. This establishes a logical chain from Elly only being upset that Lizzie witlessly destroyed a valuable musical instrument because she got yelled at to Lizzie whining about how unreasonable April was for expecting her to think about other people’s feelings.

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