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More on the Caine family.....

I really don't see the Lizthony lasting more than a few years, well not as a high romance anyway. That's because I happen to know what animates Anthony: fear! Every decision he's ever made is to minimise not only the risk of loss but also contact with the unfamiliar. AS long as everything around him stays the same or conforms to his low and narrow expectations of life, he's happy. As soon as something new and different impinges itself on his consciousness, however, he fights as hard as he can to restore his rigid vision of the true and good. This explains WHY he bleated that he had no home two years ago; he meant to say he didn't have the home he was 'supposed' to have. It also explains why he alters the name his wife gave their child; 'Françoise' isn't exactly a WASPy sounding name. Far better to call her 'Francie' in the hopes that she'll think she's really called something 'regular' like 'Frances' or 'Francine', eh? It may even explain why the other Caines are relatively absent in his life. Their hopes that he would live up to his promise and become someone impressive have pretty much been dashed by his desire to live in a bunker, haven't they? Instead of taking the Caine name higher, like his parents had wanted, he aimed low and settled for less. He's not someone I'd want to back, so I'd assume they'd get tired of making excuses for the whiny little pissant, themselves.
Tags: blandthony, liz: whining martyr, sitting duck therese

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