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On things that only make sense if you're Lynn......

Over the course of the two years that we've had to deal with the notes that accompany the daily strips, I've noticed that they can be sorted into rather broad categories. If you'll indulge me, I'd like to list them.

  1. Ad hominem attacks on her mother and teachers: Although she seems to have stopped saying that her mother abused her, Lynn is still angry at her and her teachers for daring to say that the defiant, nasty and self-absorbed child she used to be didn't know what was best for her.
  2. Angry commentary about Alan and her classmates: Lynn seems to be possessed of the same ridiculous phantasm that haunted Charles Schulz. That's because she shares her late idol's need to waste his life away obsessing about childhood slights as well as his unhealthy belief that doing so is a moral good. To that end, she growls about how Alan was treated better despite being younger and how unfair that was.
  3. Slamming her ex-husbands: Lynn clearly seems to regard the idea of divorce as being a nasty trick to play on a poor girl like her and doesn't mind saying so. If an ex-husband is defamed along the way, that's his problem.
  4. Dismissive comments about criticism: Another thing that is someone else's problem is their dissatisfaction with her inability to respect personal boundaries that get in her way. The people who complain about how their avatars are depicted are thus lumped in with those who point out her poor command of English and dubious story-telling as needing to go away and stop telling her to make sense.
  5. Boasting about her technique: Sometimes, Lynn is more inclined to boast about her skills and share her ridiculous ideas with her fans.
  6. Ranting about how her children have disappointed her: The same woman who's proud of how she wasted her childhood being needlessly defiant acts as if it's the end of the world because her children do things that bother her.
  7. Ranting about how terrible the people of Lynn Lake are: She doesn't make much of a secret of the fact that she didn't much like how the locals thought of her as hometown boy made good's Rod's wife or how they were less than patient with an arrogant egomaniac who whined piteously about how 'primitive' things were. 
  8. Generalized pleas for sympathy: When Lynn tries to pretend that she's an ordinary housewife instead of a rich woman, watch out for sweeping generalizations that try to mask her inability to understand how people who aren't her live.

As it turns out, that last category is far and away the most indicative of the problem I have with the notes. That's because it's a reminder of Lynn's trouble with the concept that people don't all think how she thinks and see the world the way she does. This causes the casual reader no small amount of confusion when he or she cannot make head nor tail of a Lynnsight; the only answer that makes sense is that Lynn has once again failed to see that her own experiences and values are not universal.
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