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Full Circle: Back to Elly, Patron Saint of Stasis.

We now return to prizing open the skull of Eleanor Patterson and examining the contents. As you know, she spends a lot of time bellowing at things she doesn't like. She does this because it usually pays off, thereby confirming her rightness in her eyes. A man from Mars, or teen-aged girl as the case may be, would see this victory not a the triumph of right over wrong but people giving in on a non-issue to shut the loudmouthed witch the hell up. She doesn't always get her own way, however. Take for instance the time Elizabeth expressed a desire to drive the motorcycle their friend Gordon offered her. Elly was horrified beyond belief and spent days ranting about how unsafe they were as well as engaging in some hateful arm-twisting to force Liz to obey her dimwitted whim. It took her days to calm down and begrudgingly permit a grown woman to do something legal and safe she didn't happen to approve of. You and I see her actions as petty, narrow-minded and stupid, but not Elly. She's 'protecting her children' and 'setting boundaries', you see. This is all in reaction to a constant source of annoyance to our Foob matriarch: the annoying habit time has of passing and changing things. If it were up to her, she'd be the young mother of two little children we saw twenty-seven years ago, but without the irritating back-chat from said yard-apes. Then she wouldn't have the aching feeling no-one needs her around any longer. She has a dread of biological and social irrelevance her children lack. Admitting this reasonable fear is anathema to someone raised to boost instead of knock, however. It's therefore mutated into low-level hostility at the scary outside world and the hunger to validate the imbecile shibboleths she calls reasonable opinions. She doesn't want friends as you and I understand the term but a gang of yes-men who repeat only that which she wants to hear, which is what she calls 'listening to her' and 'accepting her wisdom'. Real friends tell you what you NEED to hear instead of what you WANT, so they're too much of a bother. I mean, in her mind, contradiction is a one-way street. She also sabotages romances to keep her children dependent, as witnessed by packing Mike of to the farm to wean him away from Martha and the Constable Wright affair. Sure, she may curse him in front of her victim-daughters eyes, but praise him as a god-send in the recesses of her Foob heart. After all, a horrifying mess like that will drive her into the arms of 'dynamic go-getter' (and not 'pliable invertebrate') Anthony, and save her from horrible, horrible freedom. Another symptom of this horror of change is the need to curse inanimate objects fro 'disobedience'. She approached the advent of the information age with something approaching sheer terror. After all, the blasted things might make her look stupid and that would never do. She refuses to learn anything about electronic devices, fails to do so properly and smiles blissfully when they break down because it confirms her belief in their essential uselessness. In her eyes, her mental victory dance is far more important than any boring old moral code dead white guys cooked up. Her definition of goodness, truth and beauty is what makes her feel good about herself. She hasn't felt really good in a long time because of one particular technology which knocked all her comfortable little beliefs into a cocked hat. I'm talking, of course, about the Pill.
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