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Apologies and other forms of humiliation.

As we all remember, April spent most of the last few years having to apologize to someone for something that they turned into a great big thing when it actually wasn’t. The most repellent example thereof was, of course, when John clearly demonstrated his intention to use the advanced behavioural modification technique called “slapping her on the arse until it’s raw” if she did not immediately apologize to the screaming bitch he married for wanting to finish up her homework before commencing Pattersnarfing. We also notice that no force on Earth can possibly make either of them admit that they’ve made snap judgments that were later proven wrong, established arbitary and stupid rules that they themselves break when they find them convenient or had selfish motives for doing something. John’s inability stems, of course, from his moral myopia; simply put, he’s not built to see himself as being the arrogant, insensitive, distant and entitled man-child with a brain loaded full of preconceptions that he’s too stupid and fearful to question that he really is. Elly, on the other hand, seems to believe that if she apologizes for anything to anyone at any time, she has surrendered abjectly to that person and cannot thus be respected ever again.

This odd behaviour does not only manifest itself as a refusal to apologize to their children for the wrongs done them and its companion confusion that their children seem to be unable to admit to their own mistakes (idiots like the Patterswine being unable to see that their own clear hatred for apologizing is something that their children see as being a moral good), it also seems to be why Elly didn’t tell Georgia about Connie. Remember when I said that Elly casually decided that she had to destroy Phil’s relationship with Georgia because he ‘won’ their childhood. Part of why she did so is that he didn’t grovel pathetically for forgiveness because he had more privileges than she thought he should have had. If he’d just apologized for being born and taking attention away from her, she might have seen her way clear to making sure that poor, pitiful Connie could be saved from evil, evil Ted. That would work out great for everyone. She would get the satisfaction of thwarting Ted and making sure that Phil remembered that she was the boss of him, penis or no. As for Georgia, she too would ‘win’ because she could find a man who didn’t ruin Elly’s life.

The problem with this is that, as I said, their distorted view of the world tends to make them want people to apologize for things that aren’t actually bad by truly objective standards. Given that their idea of “objectivity” leads to owning horses because they suffered the humiliation of not laying claim on everything within their field of vision (as God clearly intended), they see the world as being filled with awful people who don’t want them to have the prosperity that is their due and thus must bow down and slobber for forgiveness for standing in the way of greedy imbeciles who think that the Sun shines out of their arses.

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